Charlie Chaplin De Musical

Commercials, reality, documentary


Music Hall presents a one-of-a-kind experience in Belgian musical history with ‘Chaplin, the Musical,’ a compelling production by Christopher Curtis and Thomas Meehan, rejuvenated under the direction of Mariano Detry. Delve into the story of ‘Chaplin: The Musical,’ narrating the life of the legendary film comedian Charles Spencer Chaplin. The performance unfolds in an old film studio, where Chaplin reflects on his life, work, and the dichotomy of his most significant creation, The Tramp—a musical comedy performance that adds a unique charm to Belgian musical history, featuring Promo & Trailer Production.

We recognized the significance of ‘Chaplin, the Musical’ and aimed to enhance the audience’s experience. To achieve this, we did Promo & Trailer Production that offered a sneak peek into the magic of the musical. Additionally, we provided backstage content, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the dedication and creativity that went into bringing Chaplin’s story to life with this musical comedy performance.

Agency – Montana Media
Client –  Music Hall
Genre – commercials, reality, documentary
Services – video editing, color grading, content editing