kids entertainment


#LikeMe is a musical series that has captured the hearts of teenagers and families alike, becoming a cultural phenomenon in Flanders since its debut in 2019. Targeting teenagers, the series portrays the lives of high school students in an original and contemporary way, combining nostalgic Flemish songs with its narrative. The series revolves around the character of Caro and her friends, exploring the challenges of high school life, friendship, and the impact of unexpected events.

The project fits into the children’s entertainment genre, combining short-form content and full-length episodes. The #LikeMe series appeals to a wide audience with its storyline and musical elements, making it a favorite choice for teens and their parents. The series’ popularity is evident in the widespread use of the hashtag #LikeMe, which has taken Flanders by storm. As a dedicated post-production agency, we ensured that each episode of #LikeMe was meticulously edited to maintain its captivating storytelling and musical elements, contributing to its widespread appeal and cultural significance in Flanders.

Fabric Magic entrusted us with the post-production of the multi-camera registrations for various elements of Serie #LikeMe, including dance tutorials, video clips, and derived 360 content. Our team, as a post-production agency, took on the responsibility of video editing and incorporating motion graphics to enhance the overall visual appeal of the content.

Agency – Fabric Magic
Network – Ketnet
Genre- kids entertainment
Duration- shortform and full program content
Our contribution – video editing, motion graphics