“Broadway Productions” is a production services company in Morocco, Marrakech. We specialize in television, cinema, online media, and live entertainment - and advocate for a 360-degree approach. We provide powerful storytelling with a multidisciplinary approach for emerging new markets. Regarding production management, we delve deep into project requirements, offering a complete project breakdown. Our expertise lies in adapting productions to exceed customer expectations, guided by a belief in the importance of a case-by-case approach. When it comes to content creation, we explore new ideas and show your audience something different. We believe in the power of solid storytelling and the importance of the right cast and talent on screen.


We start by understanding your project. We look at your goals, audience, and what you want to achieve. This helps us create a clear plan with steps, budget, and timeline. We handle projects of any size, adjusting our approach to fit your needs and firmly believe in the importance of a case-by-case approach.

Our approach to content creation centers on the exploration of uncharted worlds, revealing the unknown to our audience.. We believe in the power of strong storytelling and the importance of the right cast and talent on screen, making sure your script touches your audience.

Our team of experts integrate stunning visual effects, immersive sound design, and vibrant color grading to make your project shine. We offer DIT and media exchange services for international productions filming in Morocco.

We know the right equipment is key. With our partners, we offer a wide range of modern equipment for rent. From cinema cameras and lenses to lighting and sound gear, we have what you need. We also provide generators, grip equipment, costumes, and props. We focus on cost-effective solutions, recommending the best equipment for your budget.

Our network in Morocco helps us find the perfect talent. We work with casting directors, agencies, dance schools, and talent associations. This network gives you a diverse choice of actors and performers. We handle the whole casting process, saving you time and effort.


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