Lycée Victor Hugo



Our collaboration with Lycée Victor Hugo involved creating a direct corporate video to showcase the school’s facilities and its commitment to quality education. We covered both the filming and post-production stages. The process included planning, coordination, and execution to ensure that the final product accurately represented the ethics of the school. With our expertise in educational video production, we ensured that the video effectively conveyed the values and educational offerings of Lycée Victor Hugo.

Lycée Victor Hugo

We filmed classrooms, laboratories, and common areas to give an authentic portrayal of the school’s learning environment. The resulting video is a powerful tool for communicating the institution’s values and attracting potential students. In the realm of educational video production, our focus on capturing genuine scenes contributes to creating a compelling visual narrative that effectively showcases the school’s facilities and reinforces its commitment to providing a conducive learning environment.

Client –  Lycée Victor Hugo
Local production – : Ozz Films & Broadway Productions
Location – Marrakech
Services – Filming, post-production