Je m'appelle Jacques Brel

A Musical Tribute


Under the direction of Dirk Decloedt and performer Filip Jordens, the Music Hall company honored the legendary Belgian singer, songwriter, poet, and actor in a show entitled “Je m’appelle Jacques Brel” at Forest National. Filip Jordens delivered an exceptional performance, playing 19 songs by Jacques Brel, accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. The stage was transformed into a visual feast with photos and videos of the legendary artist, adding a captivating layer to the musical experience. Our video editing company skillfully curated and integrated these visual elements, enhancing the immersive journey through the life and work of Jacques Brel, enriching the audience’s connection to the performance.

Our contributions included video editing, ensuring a detailed and consistent visual representation of the tribute concerts. We also enhanced the visuals through color grading, maintaining a consistent and understated tone. Additionally, our team executed the Multicam recording, capturing the Jordens’ stage presence and the collaborative orchestral performance. As a professional video editing company, we meticulously crafted each element to elevate the viewer’s experience, adding depth and immersion to the tribute to Jacques Brel’s legacy.

Client – Music Hall
Production – :  Broadway Productions
Location – Brussels
Services – video editing, color grading, multicam recording