Gym king

Photo Production in marrakech, morocco


Photo production in Marrakech, Morocco  for the a UK fitness brand, Gym King, they wanted a special place to show off its new summer collection for 2024. They aimed for a campaign that captured the energy of summer while highlighting their activewear’s functionality and style.

We found a luxurious villa in Marrakech that was perfect for creating a summer vibe to match Gym King’s stylish collection. The villa had spacious interiors filled with natural light, an inviting pool area, and stunning rooftop views – perfect for showcasing Gym King’s new collection. We took care of all necessary permits for filming and drone use. Our team managed logistics, including coordinating with local authorities and arranging travel and accommodation for the crew and models.

Client – Gym King
Production – Ozz Films, Broadway Productions
Location – Marrakech
Services  – location scouting, production management, photography permit, drone permit