Je m'appelle Jacques Brel

A Musical Tribute


Dirk Decloedt and artist Filip Jordens hosted a music-hall show at Forest National, celebrating Belgian icon Jacques Brel. Jordens performed 19 Brel songs, assisted by the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. On stage, photos and videos of Brel added depth to the performance. Our video editing team seamlessly merged these visual elements, so that the audience felt closer to Brel’s story.

We edited videos for the tribute concerts, keeping the visuals detailed and consistent. We adjusted colors subtly for a cohesive look. Our team recorded from multiple angles to capture Jordens’ and the orchestra’s performance. With care, we worked out every detail to make the viewer feel closer to Jacques Brel’s legacy.

Client – Music Hall
Production – :  Broadway Productions
Location – Brussels
Services – video editing, color grading, multicam recording