Epic Exploring

reality documentary


“Epic Exploring” is a reality documentary produced in collaboration with NEWBE TV. This Reality TV Production in Marrakech adventure follows well-known YouTubers Josh and Cody as they delve into the heart of Morocco, exploring its fascinating abandoned locations. The project aimed to showcase some known yet intriguing spots that hold secrets of the past, tying in the thrill of exploration with the allure of forgotten history.

The first episode took place in the city of Marrakech. Josh and Cody set out to explore the cityscape, delving into this dynamic city’s secret corners and abandoned areas. The journey continues in episode 2, where Josh and Cody venture to Ouarzazate, a place renowned for its film sets. There, they discovered an abandoned film set in the desert, the “Kingdom of Heaven castle,” a castle built for the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

We scouted locations that fit the story well, creating ideal backdrops for Josh and Cody’s adventures during the Reality TV Production in Marrakech. Also, we took charge of the entire production process, making sure everything went well, from coordination to logistics.

Client – Insight TV
Agency – NEWBE TV
Duration – Shortform and longform content
Our contribution – Location scouting, line production, production management, film permit